150 mins, £450

Hair stroke / Ombre Shading / Combination Brows

Whether you have lost your brow hairs to an illness, have naturally sparse brows or simply want them to appear fuller with an enhanced shape, micro-pigmentation would be a great option for you.

Paying close attention to your skin tone and facial shape, your new eyebrows will be created through the simulation of natural brow hairs or shading to create an ombré effect.


Lash Line Enhancement

120 mins, £270

Medium Eyeliner

150 mins, £360

Thick/Shaded Eyeliner

180 mins, £550

Micro-pigmentation for eyes can create a defined liner or a subtle lash enhancement that won't smear, streak or run. You can opt to enhance your upper or lower lids, or both, in a variety of shades with black being the most popular colour. No more tricky eyeliner application, just precision eyeliner that accentuates your eyes.


Lip Blush

150 mins, £450

Full Lip

180 mins, £500

Dark Lip Neutralisation

180 mins, £700

Enhance your lips by accentuating the colour and definition of the overall shape and cupid's bow. No need to worry about topping up your lipstick during the day, just simply add gloss and you’re good to go.

Please Note: Each treatment includes 2 sessions, apart from the Dark Lip Neutralisation which includes 3 sessions to achieve the best results.

Colour Boost

PMU Colour Boost (0-6 months)

120 mins, £150

PMU Colour Boost (7+ months)

150 mins, £225

Your enhancement will fade naturally over time. This will vary from client to client based on skin type and lifestyle choices. We recommend maintenance procedures every 12-15 months to keep your enhancement looking fresh and to enhance the colour.

Please Note: All colour boost prices are for one treatment at a reduced rate. Depending on the time in between colour boosts, some clients may require a 2-part colour boost which will be discussed during your consultation.